Texas Insurance

Types of Commercial Insurance We Offer

Looking for a reliable Texas commercial insurance policy? At Texas Insurance Services in Frisco, you can be sure you’re getting personalized information tailored to your organization. We can provide you multiple quotes from the major insurance companies, address your concerns, identify gaps in your coverage, and help build a policy perfect for your needs and concerns. We offer five main types of commercial insurance:

Texas Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Insurance Offered by Insurance Services of Texas Texas commercial auto insurance provides liability and physical damage coverage for company vehicles. These insurance policies usually also cover attorney’s fees, court fees, and payment to a person who was injured in the accident.

There are many different types of commercial auto insurance policies, and recommended plans will vary depending on your unique situation. Often, insurance companies offer discounts for companies with “fleets” of vehicles, which is usually a minimum of five vehicles on the same policy.

Texas Commercial General Liability Insurance

Commercial general liability (CGL) insurance in the state of Texas protects business owners from claims regarding bodily injury, personal property damage, or libel/advertising issues. Most Texas commercial general liability insurance plans pay for damage that occurs when employees are working away from the business. This type of insurance is designed to cover any type of business in Texas including the construction industry. We specialize in general liability for contractors and general contractors.

Texas Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance covers damages to real property, equipment, personal property, and damage to the business’s building. This is designed to protect a business owner from theft, natural disasters, and other accidents that result in damages

Texas Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation insurance pays medical and income benefits to workers who are injured while on the job. It assures workers that they will be compensated if they are seriously injured while performing job-related tasks.

Texas Business Owner Package

A Texas Business Owners Package is a package policy typically combining General Liability and Property Insurance, along with other optional coverages, for small to medium sized businesses in lower risk businesses classes. A BOP may not be available depending on the type of business, annual sales, number of employees and other factors.

A Texas business owner package (BOP) is an all-in-one insurance policy that includes the above types of insurance. Purchasing this type of insurance package for your company makes life easier for you and simplifies your monthly or annual policies.

Your best bet is to talk to an independent agent from AmeriFirst about your business, its existing coverage, and any concerns you have. They will be able to tell you more about the type of policy you should purchase and recommend the best value for your company.