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General Liability for Contractors (Subs), General Contractors and Builders

Texas Insurance Services has specialized in General Liability Insurance for Contractors and General Contractors for over 17 years.

  • General Liability for Contractors, General Contractors and BuildersWe have over 50 top insurance companies to find the best coverage for the best price
  • We offer low down payments with many billing options
  • Payment and paperwork can be done by phone/email/fax for instant coverage
  • We accept cash as well as debit and credit cards
  • Policies can be quoted and written the same day you contact us.
  • We are able to write insurance for the entire state of Texas.
  • Our experience enables us to determine the insurance requirements needed by any contractor or general contractor to ensure the policy gets written correctly.
  • Certificates of Insurance issued quickly and accurately
  • Claims can be turned into our office and we help you through the process

Special Services for General Contractors and Builders who require their subs to be insured:
(refer your subs to us for General Liability and we offer the following)

  • We can help you determine what coverages to require of your subs
  • Help you create a simple system to manage and track all subcontractor    policies to ensure continuous coverage with no lapses
  • We contact you and the sub if there is a pending cancellation
  • We keep your insurance requirements on file so that every time you send a sub to get coverage, the process is quick, easy, and accurate
  • Many general contractors prefer to pay for the sub’s general liability insurance and make separate arrangements with the sub-we offer many options to make this process easy
  • When general contractors have us handle all or most of their sub’s insurance, we offer complete management and tracking of the policies

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